Solar based home power kits

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Solar home kits is a solution for houses . We have several sizes from small houses with limited costs to large systems for schools and hospitals. here we give more information about thes ekits and what they contain. Kits are normally of grid and have an own battery back u system for energy storage. All can have a grid connection for houses with balanced energy production like what is a demand in some countries.

Home power kits is a complete set of all needd to make own power by sun and store energy for nights. It is complete with lamps ,panels,cables and switches. here is just to open the box and all is here. This is aimed to tropical rural areas where there is no grind and costs is very important. Still we use best components and design will work for many years with no problems. General design is to get a system to work with zero maintenance for 5-10 years.

Cut the cable a short summary how to make own power in your home with no grid at all.

Home power kit micro is the smallest package for small houses and a 12 volt system for lamps and mobile chargers. It have separate battery of best quality and European components.

Home power kit Small is a bit larger and includes a good quality inverter and european charger andbattery of dryfit solar type.

Home power kit Medium is larger and handle larger houses with several rooms and TV + rdio etc. Best EU qualitu of components and a huge 130W solar panel. Panel is a thin film solution very suitable in tropical hot areas.

Home power kit Large is the largest kit and is a bit Like medium model but can handle a fridge of 110 Liters all day + the lamps.

Home power kit SP 40 is a simple box unit with battery inside. Here focus is cost and life time is about 3 years and no more.

School kit we delivered to Africa.

Special school and education kit with computer and projector etc.

* Special larger solar power system for hotels and offices.

* DC operated fridges for solar operation. Here we have a solution t keep food etc. cool when  hot and only by sun.

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