PID protection device  for solar panels

Beskrivning och detaljer om PID skydd för solfarmer                                Information about PID protection devices for solar farms

PID Box for healthy solar panels.

Potential Induced Degradation (PID) is well-known and feared by solar panel manufacturers all over the world. Because of poor grounding, high volt- ages and inadequate shielding between individual solar cells, leakage currents occur, which dramatically reduces the electrical yield of solar panels. In some cases, the loss can be as high as 80% and can already occur in the first two years after roof installation. Potential Induced Degradation also increases the fire hazard of PV systems. Lumen, a team of motivated energy consultants and engineers, can detect and cure PID in an early stage by means of installing the patented PIDbox. 

This  is the only company in the world to successfully reverse the accelerated degradation of solar panels, no matter if they are degraded to a limited or large extent. This  places the PID box between the inverter and the panels, enabling the deteriorating panels to perform again at their highest capacity.


PID Box  uses various techniques for testing the energy yield of your solar panels. By performing an electrolumi- nescence test, we examine if the vari- ous solar cells are functioning properly or are subjected to PID. 

>98% recovery was witnessed by several independent test laboratories

The independent accredited research agencies Eliosys and TÜV Rheinland performed several tests on the PID box technology, which confirmed the regeneration of infected solar panels of which initially was thought that they could only be used for the trash bin. Thomas More Hochschule (Asso- ciation Leuven University) shows an average yield increase of 7,5% on PV modules after installing a PIDbox.

So how does it work?

The device is connected to the PV sys- tem’s power outlet, right between the panels and the inverter. At night, when the solar cells are inactive, the PIDbox reverses the direction of the current and rejuvenates the degenerated cells. The only product that works in combination with grounding and storage systems 

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