Solutions for tea industry

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Teaindustry is a special important area for us and we have a very stronk cooperation partner in Kenya  Tealand Engineering. They are located in Kericho in heart of hea district. Tealand Company sell machines and equipment to Teaindustri in Kenya and for export. Company have been in the Tea production business for 2 generations and are our experts and partners here. Most applications we look at is energy solutions to save power. Here we have solutions that can cut power consumption on wood for boilers and electricity a lot.

* Tea industry energy improvements. Some ideas.                                                               * Solar energy system for production of steam with no wood fuel.

* Upgrading a tea drier with solar concentrators in a smart way.                                       * Improving erfficiency for a boiler with solar concentrators

* Vision about the future tea industry boiler technology.             

* Components we offer than can be used in a tea factory / industry.                                        * Very efficient and advanced boilers for tea industry 

* How to recower heat loss energy from chimney heat and convert to electricity. 

* ORC turbines for heat recovery from flue gases to electricity and hot water             

* Wood schredder that mill all wood into chips 

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* Wood chip cycle in tea boilkers with savings in energy and staff.                                                                                                    * Thermal insulation paint that make miracles in heat savings                         * Wood chip dryer for boilers with less moisture                                                                                       * Wood to electricity and hot water system by syngas engines 

* Large diameter wood splitter for roots and thick logs. Why not us eall as fuel including impossible hard pieces of wood.

* Solar power unit for making electricity for tea production. We can offer somutions to cut grid and need no generator.

* Solar power solution to increase steam output from boiler by sun.   

Economizers for flue gas heat recovery

* Solar power for tea driers to replace wood in boiler.                                          

 * Chip and pellet burner for steam boilers. 5 / 6 MW output.

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* Energy storage by salt battery technology for large capacity.

* Lamps and illumination for tea production. We have very efficient led lamps that saves up to 90% of electricity costs.

* Moisture measuring on line instrument for continous measurement of water content in process. The perfect tool to increase efficiency and quality and also save costs in power.                                                                                                                         *ORC turbines for heat recovery in industrial steam boilers

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